Graceway Biblical Counseling


Who can come?

Our counseling services are open to both church members and non-members who believe that Graceway Biblical Counseling may be able offer hope to their situation through the Bible.

How much does it cost?

Graceway wants to be a blessing to you and your family in any way possible. As a result, Graceway Baptist Church subsidizes the cost of its biblical counseling so that you can receive help and hope free of charge.

What kind of issues do you offer counseling for?

Our counseling team offers counseling for various issues that you may be facing such as: addictions, anger, anxiety, eating disorders, fear, guilt, marriage problems, and general relationship struggles such as parent/child relationship issues.

What you can expect from us?

Confidentiality: We respect the sensitive nature of what you may be experiencing and therefore you can expect confidentiality with our counselors, except when it becomes necessary according to the Bible or law to involve others. These exceptions include any situation involving harm being done to someone or abuse of a child, whether it be physical or sexual.

Christ-centered Counsel: As a ministry of the church our counseling aims at you experiencing the help and hope Jesus Christ offers to your situation as is evident in the Bible. Graceway Biblical Counseling is not recognized as a professional counseling organization by the state or federal government. As a result, if you determine that there are significant legal, financial, or medical intricacies involved in your situation it may be necessary for you to seek professional help from the appropriate field.

What we expect from you?

Transparency: We expect you to keep us informed with the details surrounding where you are hurting and various aspects of your life which may be connected.

Trust: We ask that you trust we have your best interest in mind as we show the hope Christ provides.

Willingness to change: We understand that change can be difficult, but at the same time we know that change is necessary if we Christ-centered living is our goal. We expect you to be faithfully engaged in the counseling process. This looks like keeping counseling appointments and completing whatever homework you are given in the counseling process.

Time: True, lasting change does not happen overnight and so we expect you to give us time to help you consider how the Bible speaks into your situation and calls you to change.

How do I get started receiving counseling?

If you think that Graceway Biblical Counseling’s Christ-centered approach to counseling from the Bible may be able to help you we would love for you to contact us through the following e-mail address: Please just give us a brief summary of who you are, why you are pursuing counseling, and your contact information.

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